‘Nabab’ rules box office

Shakib Khan-starrer ‘Nabab’ has enjoyed a great opening run over Eid, with most cinema halls screening it reporting full houses and sales of advance tickets.

Reporting from across the country, UNB correspondents said people are still rushing to cinema halls to enjoy the film four days after its release, ignoring the crowds and high ticket price.

People in the film industry including hall staff and management remain positive about continuing to pull in the audiences.

The film’s Bangladeshi producers Jaaz Multimedia posted on its Facebook page, without mentioning the hall name, that ‘Nabab’ had set a sales record for a single day in one cinema hall by raking in Tk 465,000.

“No one could think of it before, King Khan had made it possible,” the status said.

After ‘Shikari’ (2016), the film is the second collaboration of director Joydeep Mukherjee from India’s Kolkata and actor Shakib Khan, who shed 20 pounds for the film before the shooting started to present audiences with a new look.

Manager of Sony Cinema Hall in Mirpur Abdus Samad said, “During Eid the halls are full anyway, hopefully ‘Nabab’ will be screened another eight to ten days, then we will know better about people’s response. But they seem satisfied. Everyone is praising Shakib. I think this will overtake his last Eid hit ‘Shikari’, the way Shakib is ruling at present.”

Two films by Jaaz Multimedia released over Eid- ‘Nabab’ and Indian actor Jeet-starring ‘Boss 2: Back to Rule’ – both caused controversy in the build-up to their release though local film industry in the banner of Chalachitra Paribar became divided into two groups in the question of the release of India-Bangladesh joint-venture films – ‘Boss-2’ and ‘Nabab’ – this Eid.

Producer Abdul Aziz said, “These two films have exceeded the last 10-year Eid sale. Two of the best movies ‘Shikari’ and ‘Badshah’ were released on the last Eid. Sales have increased in the next two days than the Eid day outside Dhaka. It is the first in Bangladesh’s history. Mothers, brothers and sisters, all of the family and friends are watching the film which is the reason behind the sharp increase.

He said “Two cinema halls – Purabi in Chittagong and a hall in Kapasia were vandalised on Eid day, by audiences for not getting a ticket. Seating capacity in these halls is 1000, but the number of people was higher.”

Quoting one of the visitors, he said that such a chaos was created without getting a ticket. Currently, the cinema halls are closed. Many of our friends have returned home without watching the films.

‘Nabab’ was released in 125 cinemas while ‘Boss-2’ was released in 112. Another big release over Eid Rajneeti started its journey in 80 halls.